Greatest plays on Broadway of 2017

Greatest plays on Broadway of 2017

Last season of Broadway that ended in May, brought more than 13 million visitors in the theatres of one of the most famous neighborhoods in New York. Some of the shows were very popular, some were less. Some of the shows are well known to the public, and some were new and needed to make a breakthrough in the world of the theater.

The new season started this September. Some of the plays continue to run in the new season with great success, and some got canceled. If you’re planning to visit Broadway soon but you’re not sure what to watch, here are four plays that we think are great.

The Phantom of the Opera

It’s not accidental that this show is the first on our list. If you haven’t seen it, and you consider yourself in love with theatre, you must do it right away. The Phantom of the Opera is the longest running play in Broadway history. It’s been on stage since 1988 and if this is not enough to convince you, then the awards might. This show has 7 Tony Awards, a lot of others, and the theater is always full of spectators.

The Phantom of the Opera is based on the novel by Gaston Leroux in which the main character, The Phantom is a former deformed conjuror who is writing plays for his loved Christine, a rising star of the Paris Opera. When another person starts sharing romance with her, the Phantom is outraged and starts killing people in the Opera House.

Theatre: Majestic
Price: From $45
Cast: James Barbour, Ali Ewoldt, Rodney Ingram, Michelle McConnell…


Hamilton has received critics like revolutionary and the play of the decade. It started last season and became one of the most popular shows on Broadway instantly. The mash-up of acting, hip-hop elements, and pop music is incredible and the public obviously loves it because last year the shows were almost all sold out and the play won a ton of awards, including the prestigious Tony for best musical.

Hamilton is based on the life of one of the founding fathers of the United States of America, Alexander Hamilton. In the play, Hamilton is portrayed as a both good and bad person. It is not a glorification of one of the most influential persons for creating the States as we know them now, but more like a regular man with flaws. Like all of us.

Theatre: Richard Rodgers
Price: From $285
Cast: Javier Munoz, Daniel Breaker, Lexi Lawson, Mandy Gonzales, Bryan Terrell Clark…

The Book of Mormon

From the creators of South Park combined with the music master behind Frozen comes the comedy musical called The Book of Mormon.  The script was written by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, and the music was composed by Robert Lopez. It is on Broadway from 2011 and it doesn’t show signs of slowing down. The crowd loves this play and the 9 Tony awards prove that.

The Book of Mormon is a play about two Mormon missionaries who go to Africa trying to convert the local people to their religion but find it harder than they thought it would be because the people there are hungry and poor. Through songs and great dialogues, the actors will win your heart and certainly draw a smile on your face.

Theatre: Eugene O’Neill
Price: From $99
Cast: Nic Rouleau, Brian Sears, Kim Exum, Stephen Ashfield, Billy Eugene Jones.

A Bronx Tale

Remember the movie from the 90’s where Robert De Niro is taking on the neighborhood mob boss to win the trust of his son Calogero? Well now it’s on Broadway and De Niro is the Co-Director of the play together with Jerry Zaks. The everyday life in the Bronx is now turned into a musical where the crowd laughs and cries on the emotional scenes at the same time.

This is a play about a little boy who is torn between the teachings of life of his father Lorenzo and the lectures from the mafia boss Sonny. It’s a play about the values of life, the love of the family, and respect.

Theatre: Longacre
Price: From $45
Cast: Richard H. Blake, Nick Cordero, Bobby Conte Thornton.


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