Tickets to Hamilton

Tickets to Hamilton

It’s your turn to go see Hamilton. Now that you are ready it’s time to get tickets.

There are so many people that want to go see Hamilton. What does it take to get tickets to this show? You have to imagine the whole supply and demand factor. There are so many people across the world that want to see the show and there are only a few available seats. Since its inception, back in the day where it was only playing in one theater, you can imagine how hard it was to get into that show. Nowadays with the expansion of the theater for Hamilton, there are over 10 locations you can see it.

Each location deals with a similar ticket shortage situation. Whether in San Francisco, Chicago, or even New York you will be faced with a ticket supply issue. What this means is that most likely your tickets will cost way more than you want to pay. A lot of ticket brokers will purchase tickets when they are released to the general public. If you are not ready to purchase those tickets they will all be eaten up in the best seats will be gone.

They will then take these tickets and add them to secondary markets. The ticket market such as StubHub will carry hundreds of Hamilton tickets. These tickets will cost sometimes two times as much as face value or even more. It’s not so much that there aren’t tickets available it’s the fact that the cost is way too high.

If you’re fortunate enough to win the Hamilton lottery you can actually get your tickets for about $20. This is almost impossible to get so don’t depend on this for your entry.

If you go directly to the box office in New York you have the potential to purchase tickets if they are available. A lot of times these will sell out before you even have a chance to purchase them.

So you really only have one main option available to you. If you really want to see Hamilton live especially in New York City, you have to commit a high budget to get in the doors. The prices of each seat will vary depending on where you sit. Consider yourself stage left or right and in the middle-of-the-row if you really want to save money. Anything in the middle will be the most expensive tickets available. Obviously, the tickets in the front row will cost the most.

There really aren’t any bad seats at the Richard Rogers theater but to make the experience that much better try not to sit in the way back. The sound will be great either way but it will help to see the performers of close.

Don’t let ticket prices stop you from seeing one of the best shows of all time. The great thing about Hamilton is that it will most likely be around for a very long time. It may even open up into other cities around the country or even the world. Plan to spend the money and everything will work out in the end. There is always a ticket waiting for you if you’re willing to pay the price.

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