Why A Broadway Show Is Worth Your Attention

Why A Broadway Show Is Worth Your Attention

Live-action plays used to be a popular go-to for an evening out on the town. People would dress up, have a nice dinner, and head off to see their favorite stars in a live show.

With the rise of the modern motion picture, convenience, price, and digestibility drew audiences away from the stage. While theatre remained a staple of American culture, it took a step backstage.

Despite how engaging an action movie can be, it’s important to show those who grew up with films how thrilling plays can be. Each one is a unique experience. Actors may mess up, improvise a new line, or deliver one differently.

Engaging with a Broadway show requires complete dedication. The audience walks in and is immediately captured by the atmosphere. You will get shunned for cell phone usage. Failing to give your full attention to the show is looked down on. While people don’t like interruptions during a movie, they are more tolerated than any during a live play. Especially a Broadway play.

Not every play is worth your time and money, and shows are expensive. If you’re going to a Broadway show, little risk is involved. These experiences went through a multitude of showings and criticisms to make it to the top. While expensive, the talent is worth the price.

That’s not to mention how dramatic a play is. Movies capture audiences with meticulous portrayals of drama. A play is a realistic reenactment of a story. There is no editing. There is no manipulation of events. It’s you and the actors. The script must shine if the show is to succeed. Actors, props, and set design are important, but these fall apart without the script to hold them together.

A big Broadway draw is also the city of New York. A cultural centerpiece, it’s not uncommon for audiences to explore the city after curtains close. The ever-popular Times Square is a big draw, with Broadway leading right into it.

Variety is a big draw as well. Tons of tried-and-true plays show for years. They go until audiences become sick of them, meaning there’s little rush to get out to New York and see one. In fact, some musicals go on tour and can be seen in your city. The recent Hamilton being a prime example.

A Broadway show exudes a certain kind of passion you will experience nowhere else. Being in a room with lifelong performers is a feeling like no other, and is quite inspiring. Most plays include lots of music, meaning those who lean away from traditional performances can still find something to enjoy. These actors commit to doing their shows multiple times a week and seeing them give their all never gets old.

Some may argue you can replace a Broadway musical with a concert. That is simply not true. While both have a focus on music, concerts lean towards production and a light show to keep audiences engaged. The talent is still there, but musicals have a pure factor about them. It’s unusual to see people dancing around and singing without direct instrumental accompaniment. An orchestrated score still plays, but seeing the actors engage with the music in new ways is something anyone who appreciates art should experience.

A Broadway show is an occurrence like no other. The combination of live music, acting, and the respect of an attentive audience lead to an unmatched event worthy of anyone’s attention. No, they aren’t edited masterpieces designed to appeal to the masses. Nor are they a representation of a perfectly presented piece. Broadway shows are real, flawed, beautiful interpretations of a writers vision. They deserve the consideration that’s been lost as modern film has taken over, and they are a rewarding escapade for anyone willing to give them a chance.

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